About me

I am a web developer and designer who is passionate about enabling information to be presented to users in engaging and user-centred ways. I successfully achieve this in the print medium as a graphic designer (BBC magazines and Somerfield magazine), and have now enhanced this with skills designing and building interactive, responsive websites.

I have a good knowledge of many fundamental languages and frameworks that help me achieve this, including HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery and AngularJS, as well as version control through GitHub.

Having skills and experience using InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator I am able to tackle a wide variety of projects for print and digital, from logo and magazine design to retouching and creating accurate clipping paths.

I possess a superb attention to detail and a willingness to learn. I understand marketing principles, have an aesthetic sensibility and experience in agency environments.

More about what I can do

Front- and back-end technologies
I have really enjoyed learning the following languages and technologies which I have utilised during my employment, studies and in several self-led projects.
■ HTML5 ■ CSS3 ■ JavaScript ■ JQuery ■ AngularJS ■ D3.js ■ DC.js ■ Crossfilter ■ Python ■ MongoDB ■ Django ■ Flask ■ Git ■ GitHub

Design and creative skills
■ Excellent design and layout skills developed throughout my career as a graphic designer ■ Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Sketch ■ Google docs ■ Retouching/image manipulation

Soft skills
■ Problem-solving – I relish the challenges of finding and implementing workable, elegant solutions. Every website I’ve built and magazine cover I’ve directed has at its heart been a problem requiring a solution
■ Strong attention to detail – I take pride in my thoroughness and precision, which has been key in my career in the publishing industry
■ Work well under pressure – have consistently worked to, and met, immovable deadlines, and have done so with calmness, efficiency and humour
■ Flexible and adaptable – adept at handling multiple tasks and utilising differing systems, on a daily basis
■ Team worker – able to liaise, negotiate and communicate with senior personnel as well as peers, and have also lead and motivated small teams

Please follow the link below or contact me directly to chat about why I can be a valuable asset to your development team.


A portrait of myself, Chris Jones


BBF 2018 website link

Bristol Balloon Fiesta

A static yet fully-responsive front-end project utilising HTML, CSS, bootstrap, jQuery and Angular JS. It is my front-end project piece completed as part of my course and is hosted on github pages.


View GitHub repo

BBF 2018 website link

Adoption Data dashboard

A data-driven project utilising Crossfilter, D3.js, DC.js, MongoDB and Flask, and finally deployed to Heroku. Intro.js provides the site tutorial accessed via the 'start tour' button. It is my course back-end project, written in Python.


View GitHub repo

Bright Spark website link

brightSpark website

A responsive website for a forthcoming app launch. Adapted from an Umbraco template, from where it is also hosted. This is a currently unpublished site which requires some minor refinement.


Bright Spark app screens

brightSpark app screens

UI development of the mobile app, composed with Sketch.


code playground

My space for tinkering, tutorials and fun.